Duane Schwartz

Book Title: Calumet
Price: US $18.95, CAN $21.95
Author: Duane Schwartz
ISBN No: 978-0-9841342-9-8 / 0-9841342-9-8

Klan vs Lawman. Company thugs vs union organizers. Miner vs miner. Citizen vs citizen. At stake is not only the working conditions in the ore mines, but also the town of Calumet, the sticking point to the Klan as the hooded miscreants attempt to control the entire territory. Calumet must fall. So long as the citizens of Calumet hold out against the Klan making inroads into its government, the rest of the territory can breathe easier. All of the neighboring towns and villages collectively hold their breath, while in Calumet a handful of irate citizens join with a U.S. Marshal as well as unexpected, but most welcome, aid from the outside. The only thing is, has the aid come too late to stop the Klan’s inevitable march toward total control. After all, the Klan will stop at nothing: murder, rape, assassinations, kidnappings; anything to wrest control of the town’s government from the citizens.
But, all is not as it seems. Buried somewhere in the body of helpful newcomers is a traitor; an evil, unsuspected member of the Klan.

About The Author
Duane Schwartz, born and raised near Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range, lives a quiet country life with his wife, Betty, where they enjoy a variety of hobbies (hiking in the woods, motorcycle touring, classic cars, and, of course, writing).
Schwartz is a published short-story writer who has been practicing his trade for many years. Cobb’s Landing, his debut novel, was inspired by a walk in the woods where he and his wife stumbled across a deserted prohibition days resort. From that experience his novel grew.
Currently Schwartz is working on his second novel, Calumet, a story of the boom days of a now forgotten mining town. He expects to complete this work and publish yet this year.
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