Duane Schwartz

Book Title: Fetchenko
Price: US $18.95, CAN $21.95
Author: Duane Schwartz
ISBN No: 978-0-9846195-1-1

Three boys, each with circumstances that labeled them outcasts, join at a young age to stand against the injustice of an insufferable childhood. They hold strong to one another until a tragedy in their teen years tears them apart. One of them, Arthur Fetchenko is blamed for an atrocious crime he did not commit. Another, Tony Copeletti is forced far from his home to live with a gangster uncle. The third, Henry Tyler, along with his entire family, is relocated because it was felt that the Tylers could not be trusted to keep hidden the identity of the true criminal, a high ranking politician. Later life brings payback. After years in reform school, Arthur Fetchenko is handed proof of his innocence through evidence strong enough to devastate the political party who harbored the criminal and laid the blame on him in the first place. And along with that evidence, came options. Should he see to it that justice is finally served? Or should he use the information to benefit himself, a blackmail of sorts. He chooses the latter. And once again, the threesome is reunited and off on an adventure of which the final outcome can only be summed up by the words, "To the victors go the spoils". Their goal is to take over the political machine of the day from the inside. Success comes in the end, but it comes at a high cost. Vengeance may drive their story, but along the path noble intentions prevail, love abides, action and adventure abound, and an age old feud is fought to the death.

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About The Author
Duane Schwartz, born and raised near Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range, lives a quiet country life with his wife, Betty, where they enjoy a variety of hobbies (hiking in the woods, motorcycle touring, classic cars, and, of course, writing).
Schwartz is a published short-story writer who has been practicing his trade for many years. Cobb’s Landing, his debut novel, was inspired by a walk in the woods where he and his wife stumbled across a deserted prohibition days resort. From that experience his novel grew.
Recently, Schwartz released his successful second novel, Calumet, a story of the boom days of a now forgotten mining town.
Fetchenko continues to display Schwartz's mastery over historical novels and keeps the reader rapt until the final word. To learn more about the author, visit Duane at: