Midnight Cove
Pamela Malz

Book Title: Middnight Cove
Price: US $17.99, CAN $20.99
Author: Pamela Malz
ISBN No: 9781942981183

Murder among the elite!

A serial killer targets the well-to-do "trophy wives," in the safety of their own mansions in their wealthy, guarded, gated community.

Pamela Malz, best-selling author of Secret at Oak Knoll Pass, The Reunion, and Murder by the Book is at it again, giving readers yet another terrifying who-dunnit.

Welcome to Midnight Cove: gated safe-haven and prestigious playground for the financial cream of the crop . . . where overnight, a mysterious killer seems to have taken up residence. Now, trend-setting, gorgeous and envied woman are dropping like flies from their dream community, and in this fast-paced novel . . . everyone's a suspect. Someone out there has an all-access pass to The Cove with a list of exclusive victims. Until they're caught, no one will feel safe.

With a plethora of unlikely suspects, including a down-to-earth heiress, a true-crime novelist, a suburban mom and an obstinate lawyer, the local detectives have their hands full.

Midnight Cove is a immensely satisfying thrill ride with lots of action, jealousy, terror - and then some, which will keep you guessing until the very end.

About The Author
I was born in San Diego, California, a third generation native, on December 22, 1974. I grew up in sunny San Diego with my sister and parents, where even as a child I would write stories and staple them together as books. English class was always my strong suit, so when the time came, I attended San Diego State University and majored in English. After receiving my credentials, I became an English teacher at Claremont High School. Throughout college I wrote short stories as course work. It wasn't until I was on maternity leave after having my beautiful daughter, Tyler Ann, that I wrote my first full length novel, Secret at Oak Knoll Pass. Writing has become my outlet while Tyler takes naps. It had always been my dream to write a novel, but I feared I'd never be able to do it. Before my first novel was complete, I began drawing up ideas for book number two, The Reunion. I currently live in Rancho Bernardo with my husband, Tony, and daughter, Tyler, who is almost two. I love spending time with my family and friends, reading, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors; I have completed my third novel Murder by the Book, and feverishly working on the next one, Mirror Mirror.