The Afflicted
Brandon Ebinger

Book Title: The Afflicted
A Dark Fantasy

Price: US $17.99, CAN $19.99
Author: Brandon Ebingere
ISBN No: 9781635540307

The Game

Karen is a single mother with the perfect child, little Abby. When they find an antique Colonial doll in an antique store, Karen has no problem buying for her daughter, who seems to have fallen in love with the thing. Sadly, this simple action would have nightmarish concequences...

Nadia has just murdered her parents, a step toward the freedom that she craves. Her hedonistic plans are put on pause, however,when she hears a voice in her head, a creepy little girl's voice...

Each of these people has been marked, marked by a great evil from the past that exists only to sew chaos and death. They will be drawn together by forces beyond their control, and thrust into a battle for not only their lives, but their very souls.

About The Author
Brandon Ebinger Brandon Ebinger was born in a small town in upstate New York and currently lives outside of New Orleans with his fiance, two cats a snake and a seemingly endless stream of pet rats. Brandon likes horror movies, music of the Gothic,industrial and punk rock genres, and spicy food. He also works as an actor in The House of Shock, one of the top haunted attractions in America. Though he spends his life trying to scare people, and has a love of black clothing, he himself is terrified of spiders and really creeped out by dolls. He does, however, find snakes and rats adorable. He holds a BA in creative writing and has had several short stories published in magazines such as Fantastic Horror, Many Midnights and Ethereal Tales. This is his first published long format work. Brandon is currently working on his second novel, in which a character from Ash plays a key role. For updates and other information, visit him on facebook at