The Devil's Damsel
Ronald E. Hignite
An Action Crime Thriller

Book Title = The Devil's Damsel
Price: US $17.99, CAN $20.99
Author: Ronald E. HIgnite
ISBN No: 9781942981343

~~A Deadly Lure~~

When and where will the devil's damsel strike again? Who is the next victim?

That is what Detective Jack Revelle is asking himself as he chases the devil in disguise and her evil accomplices.

A strikingly beautiful and irresistible woman makes serial encounters at local nightclubs in Chicago, picking up unsuspecting men - men who think they have just gotten lucky, only to find out luck just isn't in the cards when they play with the devil.

Sex and alcohol are the lures - robbery and death are the hooks as the devil's damsel trolls through the nightclubs in search of her target for the night.

Who will be the next 'lucky' guy?

About The Author
Ronald E. Hignite Ronald E. Hignite is a former educator who has written a number of books. He earned his B.A. Degree and Masters in Education from East Carolina University. His books include collections of poetry, religious works, and children's books. He has also recorded three audio books. All of his books are available online. His interest in crimes and criminal investigations has led him to write this crime fiction novel, The Devil's Damsel.