The Right to be a Man and a Father
George Karavidas

The Rights to be a Man and a Father

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ISBN: 978-0-6155844-1-6

This book that you are going to read is not only written for the attention the Man-Father, but also for all Lawmen which are: Either a Lawyer or a Judge, either a President of the Court (Family Court) or a Politician such as: Congressman, Prime Minister, President of a Country or both as such from all over the Western World. As it is about time that they must get involve with this international thorny matter that uproots and eventually kills (so easily) the most important foundation of mankind, which is, the Family, and the Man - Father in Particular! Also, and most important, for the attention of the Church.

About The Author
George Karavidas

Creator of Shotokountigh - Pagratio Karate
Bilingual in English and Greek
Athletic Trainer and health/wellness advisor
Professional Management and Marketing abilities
Psychological self-control teamwork fundamentals
Superior leadership qualities and veteran experience
Strong verbal communication skills
Experienced background in sport medicine
Expert Philosopher and advisor of Ancient Olympic Games.
Writer of a fiction book call: Divine Justice: The Creation, with two non - fiction books pending
Speaker at Fulbright Foundation (Athens-2004)

B.S. Degree in Professional Counseling for Stress (1/20/1994, Psychology, Honors United Kingdom, 1994, Anatomy and Physiology (Honors), Devon, England, 1986
Business Management Marketing, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 1981
Masters Certificate of Creation the Art of Shotokounthigh, Port Elizabeth South Africa, August 1976 (
Auto Mechanical Engineering, Greece & South Africa, 1970