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Ernie Lijoi Sr.

***Destructive Obsessiion
***Meth or Myth
***Poetry of Life
***Street Business II: An Eddie Pannoni Thriller
***Butcher of Boston
***The Cash Mule
***The Preyers
***The Tunnel

My name is Ernie Lijoi Sr. If you have a chance, take a look at my site I was born & raised in Brooklyn NYC. I am a Veteran that became a police officer in 1970. I became involved with undercover work and then became a (Very Deep Cover) Narcotic Officer living a double life for 18 years as Eddie Pannoni, drug dealer and gun runner. I began writing at age 65, I currently have Ten (10) books published. All of the books are True Crime, based on my career as a detective with a total of 25 years on the job, in addition I have just published my first Poetry book in 2020. All books can be found on Amazon under my name. All of my books are based on factual cases that I worked on while a Deep Cover detective. In addition, I also have several true crime scripts (Movie & TV) taken from my books and ready for production. Two TV shows have been made from my stories and about me. Both are now on Netflix and other networks; under the program Deep Undercover season #1 show #17 and season #2 show #17. I am currently producing, writing and directing shows with great success. Every show has been packed and we had to turn people away due to lack of available seating. We are looking for larger seating capacity.

PUBLISHING CREDITS: Can be found at my site with reviews news articles to back up my stories

You can learn more about the author and his works on his website: Ernie Lijoi, Sr.

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